A friend and I were having a chat today about our wedding days and the small things I now share with my couples that we both wish we had been told on our wedding day. It really is small and appears so minor at the time BUT it makes all the difference to your lifetime of memory reminders…. your wedding photo’s. Here are 5 of the most important ones to remember:

Look up when you are walking up the aisle to your about to be husband. Do not worry about the tears that are running down your face (and his), just look up and keep eye contact. You don’t want to be looking down in your photo’s of that moment when you are walking towards your husband to say your I Do’s. 

Hold hands during the ceremony whilst the marriage officer presents his message to you and your guests. It is not intentional but way too often I see pictures of a couple standing rigid next to each other arms locked in front of you, often this is from the nerves, try to relax with each other. Hold hands, look at each other (even if it is a glance here and there) and interact. Allow your love for each other to be visible as it makes for fantastic photographs. You can’t help but smile when  you see a photograph where the love is tangible so let go, don’t hold back ….. you only do this once.

Check your posture from time to time. Photographers will correct you on this during your couple shoot but those candid pics that get taken so often capture the bride slouching. Ladies… Walk tall, shoulders back and wear your dress like the princess you are.

Lock hands when entering the reception. You are united as one, together you will take on life’s challenges and celebrations. Enter confidently and with joy.

Choreographed first dances are great but ensure you practise it so that you can dance it in your sleep. What I do not like about choreographed first dances is too often you are nervous and this shows because your body is more rigid than it should be, you are counting your steps and more than likely looking down as well. Bring your choreographed dance but please have fun with it. Relax and go with it, none of your guests will know if you have made a mistake or left steps out or completely deviated and started doing your own thing. 

I hope this helps a little bit. Just remember ….. relax, have fun and be present in the moment. Leave it to your coordinator or wedding planner to guide you on the day and remind you of these little titbits as your day goes on.