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It’s the small detail that makes the difference!

December 12, 2018

Cherry Wedding

A friend and I were having a chat today about our wedding days and the small things I now share with my couples that we both wish we had been told on our wedding day. It really is small and appears so minor at the time BUT it makes all the difference to your lifetime of memory reminders…. your wedding photo’s. Here are 5 of the most important ones to remember:

Look up when you are walking up the aisle to your about to be husband. Do not worry about the tears that are running down your face (and his), just look up and keep eye contact. You don’t want to be looking down in your photo’s of that moment when you are walking towards your husband to say your I Do’s. 

Hold hands during the ceremony whilst the marriage officer presents his message to you and your guests. It is not intentional but way too often I see pictures of a couple standing rigid next to each other arms locked in front of you, often this is from the nerves, try to relax with each other. Hold hands, look at each other (even if it is a glance here and there) and interact. Allow your love for each other to be visible as it makes for fantastic photographs. You can’t help but smile when  you see a photograph where the love is tangible so let go, don’t hold back ….. you only do this once.

Check your posture from time to time. Photographers will correct you on this during your couple shoot but those candid pics that get taken so often capture the bride slouching. Ladies… Walk tall, shoulders back and wear your dress like the princess you are.

Lock hands when entering the reception. You are united as one, together you will take on life’s challenges and celebrations. Enter confidently and with joy.

Choreographed first dances are great but ensure you practise it so that you can dance it in your sleep. What I do not like about choreographed first dances is too often you are nervous and this shows because your body is more rigid than it should be, you are counting your steps and more than likely looking down as well. Bring your choreographed dance but please have fun with it. Relax and go with it, none of your guests will know if you have made a mistake or left steps out or completely deviated and started doing your own thing. 

I hope this helps a little bit. Just remember ….. relax, have fun and be present in the moment. Leave it to your coordinator or wedding planner to guide you on the day and remind you of these little titbits as your day goes on.

What is On the Day Coordination

November 25, 2018

Cherry Wedding

ON THE DAY COORDINATION…. what exactly is this and what does it entail?

This service may differ from company to company and from Coordinator to Coordinator but for us, what we offer is the following:

We work with you in the final weeks leading up to your wedding finalizing your timelines, checking through all the details you have worked so hard at planning and arranging to ensure nothing has been forgotten, to make sure we are on the same page regarding how you want things positioned/actioned etc. We make contact with your vendors before hand confirming their setup time of arrival and duration time of setup, distribute the finalised timeline to the necessary vendors… and ALL this is before your wedding day!

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY we ensure that your vendors arrive on time and setup exactly as per your agreement with them, we handle/manage any minor (or major but that seldom happens) issues that may arrive as you really do not need to be worried about these things. You only need to worry about spending quality time with those near and dear as you prepare to walk down the isle looking more gorgeous than ever before. We are there to make sure things happen seamlessly. We talk you through each step of your day whilst allowing you the space to enjoy your day. Once proceedings start we work closely with the photographer, videographer, DJ, venue and MC to keep everyone on track and on the same page.

We are there to serve you and ensure that we do all that is possible to ensure you have a perfect wedding day. We spend the day giving all of ourselves to best serve you and your wedding, it is all about you and your wedding day.

Barefoot on the Beach

November 10, 2016


Midst the craziness of planning weddings and spending time looking at venues with clients, I absolutely love assisting fellow vendors (and brides) where I can. I offered some ideas and vendor contacts for this beach themed styled shoot that Jaqui Franco from Jaqui Franco Photography did and she so kindly credited me in her styled shoot blog post.

Have a look at her styled shoot, Barefoot on the Beach: Click here.

Cherry Tip

October 14, 2016


When you start planning your wedding I strongly recommend you make three lists (the first three of many).

1. My not negotiables – what must be at your wedding, not negotiable. This can be anything from a a decor item to the kind of venue you select.

2. I really want – this list are the things you really would like to have at your wedding but willing to compromise on how it is presented/the look and such like.

3. I would like to have but it is okay if I do not have it at my wedding.

These three lists will help you when it comes to allocating expenses and keep focus when making difficult decisions on what to include and what to exclude. If the item is a not negotiable item and costs more than you originally budgeted for, it is okay but understand then that you will be taking money away from another item which may fall onto one of the other lists.

Spring Styled Shoot – Bellingham Homestead

October 3, 2016

Cherry Wedding

Sneak peak to the Spring inspired styled shoot that I planned and coordinated at Bellingham Homestead last month.

Full images of photoshoot to follow soon.

The vendors that collaborated with me are as follows:

Videography by Imagenheart
Photography by Nelani van Zyl Photography
Flowers and Decor by Michelle Merrick from Bunches for Africa
Vintage Crockery & Cutlery by My Vintage Tea Table
Hair and Make-up by Make-up and Hair Styling by Louisa
Bride dressed by Cindy Bam
Bridesmaids dressed by Jacoba Clothing
Bow Ties, Bracers and Hair Pieces by Bella Chiara
Rover supplied by 156 Today
Tea Table Treats supplied by Shake n Bake

Bridal Fair 6-7 August 2016 @ Spier Wine Farm

August 11, 2016


We had a busy weekend at Spier this weekend with approximately 3 622 people attending the Bridal Fair.

With a lot creative ideas, variety of vendors, fashion shows and wine tasting fun was had by all. Well almost all, there were some grooms-to-be wondering around not quite sure why they were at a bridal fair when there was rugby to watch.

Thank you to all who visited the Two Cherries stand and took the time to enter the competition. CONGRATULATIONS to Mischa Hodgson who was our winner and won the Wild Cherry package.

Thank you to Donato Events who did a fantastic job putting this fair together, your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Cherry Pip

July 22, 2016


When looking for a wedding venue, as far as possible try to view it at the same time of year and time of day you plan to have your wedding. That way you will have a good idea of what the weather and light will be doing at the time of your ceremony and photographs.

A Cherry Pip from the Main Cherry

July 1, 2016


Planning a wedding on a tight budget? Consider the following ideas to help cut your costs:

  • Have an out of wedding season wedding. The weather may not always be the best but you can pick up venues at a much cheaper rate.
  • Have your wedding on a week day instead of over the weekend.
  • Breakfast/lunch weddings are cheaper than an evening wedding.
  • Consider the number of guests you invite. The less guests, the lower the expense.
  • DIY as much as you can and shop around for the best price.

Bridal Fair 6-7 August 2016 @ Spier Wine Farm

June 22, 2016


We are so excited! We have a stand at the Bridal Fair taking place at Spier Wine Farm on the 6th & 7th August 2016.  

Come and visit us for some ideas, inspiration, fun and oppportunities to win some prizes.

Admission costs R80 pp and we are open between 09h00 and 16h30 on both days.

Look forward to seeing you there!

A Cherry Pip from the Main Cherry

June 10, 2016


I always like to remind my engaged couples that are in the throws of planning their wedding to remember the following:

After attending a wedding, there are only three things people talk about…. the food, the service, and what kind of experience they had. In other words, pay attention to the quality/type of food you serving, ensure your venue staff are efficient and that your DJ can read the crowd and keep the dance floor going.

Happy planning and happy friday!

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