ON THE DAY COORDINATION…. what exactly is this and what does it entail?

This service may differ from company to company and from Coordinator to Coordinator but for us, what we offer is the following:

We work with you in the final weeks leading up to your wedding finalizing your timelines, checking through all the details you have worked so hard at planning and arranging to ensure nothing has been forgotten, to make sure we are on the same page regarding how you want things positioned/actioned etc. We make contact with your vendors before hand confirming their setup time of arrival and duration time of setup, distribute the finalised timeline to the necessary vendors… and ALL this is before your wedding day!

ON YOUR WEDDING DAY we ensure that your vendors arrive on time and setup exactly as per your agreement with them, we handle/manage any minor (or major but that seldom happens) issues that may arrive as you really do not need to be worried about these things. You only need to worry about spending quality time with those near and dear as you prepare to walk down the isle looking more gorgeous than ever before. We are there to make sure things happen seamlessly. We talk you through each step of your day whilst allowing you the space to enjoy your day. Once proceedings start we work closely with the photographer, videographer, DJ, venue and MC to keep everyone on track and on the same page.

We are there to serve you and ensure that we do all that is possible to ensure you have a perfect wedding day. We spend the day giving all of ourselves to best serve you and your wedding, it is all about you and your wedding day.