You said YES.... What comes next?


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You said YES... What comes next?

The day finally arrived, he got down on one knee (hopefully) and asked the one question every girl dreams about from a very young age…. Will you marry me? Will you be wife? Will you grow old with me? You giggled (or cried) and said YES!!

Congratulations to you both! My prayer for you is nothing but love, joy, blessings, understanding, and patience. Yes, understanding and patience. You will soon find out whilst planning your wedding that you will need to compromise here and there, let your fiancé have the one thing you don’t want and visa versa. It is a time where you will learn more about each other in a different way. Want to test your marriage?.... Start by planning your wedding .

So you feel like you have been floating on clouds for weeks (or months/years) and reality is starting to set in and you start thinking about planning your wedding. This is where it starts becoming a little bit difficult. You start to feel overwhelmed and you not quite sure where to start, what to do, what you want your wedding to look like, who you are meant to contact for what, what all your dream ideas cost and the list goes on. STOP! Breathe in…….hold it…..slowly let it out and repeat. You can do this!

Here are the first few steps to get you started:

1. Start with your budget as this determines everything else! It determines the number of guests you can invite as the more guests you have the more you need to spend on food, gift favours, rental items for the tables and so on. This is a very awkward time as talking money with people is never comfortable. But have these hard honest conversations with your fiancé and your families. In today’s world is it no longer the norm for parents to traditionally pay for the wedding in full or part thereof. It is, however, increasingly popular that the couple pays for the wedding themselves and that is okay too. If your available budget (please take note of the word “available” used there) is not what you would like it to be, remember you can make it work if you are open to it. There are many creative ways you can still have your fairy-tale wedding you just need to be open to it. You also need to know your priorities so you know how to spend your money for example if there is a specific photographer you want to book and this is not negotiable for you then you will be happy to spend more for a photographer and then have less budget to spend on décor for example.

2. Once you have got through the budget it is time for some reward…… time to get inspired. Start thinking about what you would like your wedding day to look like and feel like. Do you want the classic wedding and formal vibe or something more relaxed and or rustic? The choice is entirely yours and I always encourage my couples to keep it true to themselves. If you are a fun, quirky or goofy couple let this be present in your wedding so then I would say perhaps a formal vibe is not what you looking for. Spend some time on Pinterest and start thinking about colour themes, décor ideas. This will help you get the excitement factor back after finalizing that dreaded budget.

3. Start collating your guest list. You will only need final numbers much later in the process but you do need an idea of how many guests will be attending as it will determine the size of venue you book. Now is also a good time to select your bride tribe and groom squad and ask them to be a part of your special day.

4. Think about what time of year you would like to get married and try to narrow it down to a month or even select a few date options which may not fall in the same month but still the same time of the year.  Things to keep in mind when choosing a date: Weekday weddings are generally cheaper than the popular Saturday evening wedding. Keep in mind holidays (public holidays and school holidays), work schedules, conflict with other family events etc. Having some potential dates in mind is always a good idea as it will be the first thing the venue will ask you when you inquire with them.

5. You are now ready to choose a venue. You have your budget, an estimated guest count and some dates in mind. Do your research, have a look at websites and social media profiles of venues, have a look at their galleries to get an idea of the look and feel of the venue. If you still interested read the reviews. If they still have your attention, book a site visit at the venue and walk through the venue thoroughly. Where will you have your ceremony, where will the canapés and pre-drinks be served, where will the reception be held. Does the flow work well for you, does the venue speak to you? I know that sounds strange but you will know when you have find YOUR venue. Once you have found your venue, it is time to book it. Read the contract carefully and thoroughly, you do not want any surprises with regards to hidden costs. Be sure you know what is included in the venue hire fee and what is excluded. Do not assume anything. Rather ask too many questions.

Once you have signed on the dotted line and paid your deposit for your venue you have completed the most difficult part of planning your wedding. Well done! Open the champagne and celebrate this milestone with a date night.

I hope you have found this useful.  It is my dream that every girl gets her Princess Day and has the freedom to relax and enjoy her day just like a princess. She should not be running around like a stress ball so watch this space for some more useful pointers to help you plan your wedding.


Photo Cred: Jaqui Franco Photography
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