You said YES... What comes next?

The day finally arrived, he got down on one knee (hopefully) and asked the one question every girl dreams about from a very young age…. Will you marry me? Will you be wife? Will you grow old with me? You giggled (or cried) and said YES!!

A friend and I were having a chat today about our wedding days and the small things I now share with my couples that we both wish we had been told on our wedding day. It really is small and appears so minor at the time BUT it makes all the difference to your lifetime of memory reminders....

ON THE DAY COORDINATION.... what exactly is this and what does it entail?

This service may differ from company to company and from Coordinator to Coordinator but for us, what we offer is the following:

Midst the craziness of planning weddings and spending time looking at venues with clients, I absolutely love assisting fellow vendors (and brides) where I can.

When you start planning your wedding I strongly recommend you make three lists (the first three of many).

1. My not negotiables - what must be at your wedding, not negotiable. This can be anything from a a decor item to the kind of venue you select.

Sneak peak to the Spring inspired styled shoot that I planned and coordinated at Bellingham Homestead last month.

Full images of photoshoot to follow soon.

The vendors that collaborated with me are as follows:

We ended August off with a busy weekend at the Tygervalley Bridal Experience. It was a great weekend that showcased many creative ideas and a variety of vendors in the wedding industry.

We had a busy weekend at Spier this weekend with approximately 3 622 people attending the Bridal Fair.

wedding venue

When looking for a wedding venue, as far as possible try to view it at the same time of year and time of day you plan to have your wedding. That way you will have a good idea of what the weather and light will be doing at the time of your ceremony and photographs.

What kind of bride are you? Are you a super organised "Drill Sergeant" or more of a hot mess when it comes to planning your wedding?